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18-Jul-2017 14:16

The handful of tests that we currently have clearly would not be sufficient validation for a production environment, but with these few examples, you hopefully have a clear view of the basics and could extend the test script to handle nearly any case.

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We need only check that the number of "item" elements is equal to the number of "item" elements that have the child elements we are testing for.

Type:: Tiny is a zero-dependency implementation of type constraints that can be used with Moose, Mouse and Moo alike.

(No more need to build separate type libraries for each of them! It's validation we'll look at today; specifically validating sub parameters.

ok(sub , 5, '2 and 2 is 4'); # this test fails for the obvious mathematical # reason and prints a descriptive error.

will return the same nodes as the previous example, and bring all of the "bar" elements' descendants along for the ride.Let's try out what we've covered so far by creating our own simple XML validation tool.