Sex shop online srbija

30-Aug-2017 20:50

But despite the apparent consumer demand, retailers aren't particularly eager to discuss the personal massagers or other sexual health products they offer.A Walgreens spokeswoman reported that the company was simply adapting to "reflect trends and changing customer interest" and chose to offer more "discreet products" online."Men started taking Viagra, and now women of a certain age group need our products," says Trigg's Winning.Lubricants are also popular among women who are nursing, postpartum, or have had chemotherapy—all conditions that can make intercourse painful.

Ann, a 40-year-old mother of two from Phoenix, Ariz.(who declined to give her full name), says drugstore-purchased lubricants rescued her sex life after her first child was born."I'm not sure if my second child would exist if it were not for this stuff," she says, only half joking.In addition to dozens of massage liquids, "warming gels," and lubricants in many flavors, you'll also find vibrators. vibrator) on drugstore shelves around the country in August of last year.

Demurely packaged in a lavender frosted-plastic oval container, the purpose of the Little Gem is fairly ambiguous unless you read the fine print, or just guess that it's related to sex because it's right near all the lubricants.It's a penalty that rivals that for illegal gun ownership in some states.