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Why were some fully clothed, but others nearly naked?Most disconcerting of all was Lyudmilla Dubinina’s body, which was missing her tongue and eyes.At least one of them surely would have kept calm enough not to join the lemming rush to their doom?Were they, perhaps, caught up in some bizarre military accident in the lonely (and top secret) vastness of the Russian interior — a missile misfiring or a low-flying jet sending out shock waves and noise that frightened them out of their wits?This was the height of the Cold War with both sides of the East-West divide searching for the ultimate weapon to knock the other out.But there is no evidence of experimental weapons sites within hundreds of miles.Around 350 yards away lay the corpse of Igor Dyatlov, the 23-year-old engineering student from Ural Polyetchnic who had put the expedition together and was its leader.(His name would later be given to the area where the tragedy took place.) Nearby, a search dog sniffed out the remains of Zina Kolmogorova, 22, under four inches of snow, and then that of Rustem Slobodin.

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He concluded in his hastily composed report that all nine deaths had been caused by what he described as ‘an unknown elemental force which they were unable to overcome’. Now the riddle has been revisited in a new book by British writer and researcher Keith Mc Closkey.Russian authorities estimate around 3,000 Russian citizens have joined Isis in Syria.Peering through the windswept snow on a dark February day, the rescue party finally came on the first sign of life — the flapping remains of a tent pitched on ski poles on an uppermost slope of Kholat Syakhl, ‘Mountain of the Dead’ in the native language of northern Siberia. And mystery became horror when an inspection of the tent showed its front flaps still buttoned tightly together but huge knife slashes down the sides — through which the occupants apparently fled.Haunting photographs from the film in their cameras show the happy and relaxed faces of good friends on an exhilarating adventure, capturing their journey by train, road and on foot to this desolate area.

They smile out fresh-faced and jolly from black-and-white snaps, rugged, healthy young people in the anoraks, plus-fours, waterproof galoshes and gaiters of the day, oblivious to what fate has in store for them.

Accidents were routinely airbrushed from the record.