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, LEARNING SITES' flyover of Jebel Barkal was featured in a program on ancient Sudan for Japanese TV produced by Nexent; our early 3D models of the site were used for a program on Dutch TV in 2000; and numerous renderings from our reconstructions have appeared in journals, magazines, and newspaper articles around the world over the past 20 years.

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To the west of the jebel is a field of royal pyramids, which are among the best preserved in Sudan.

of the mountain, there are many other important archaeological sites.

This towering monolith, unparalleled in the Nile Valley, was perceived in Antiquity as a gigantic natural statue with many overlapping identities: a rearing uraeus serpent, a phallus, a squatting god (or several gods), and, depending on the direction from which it was seen, a vaguely human form wearing a crown.

] site on the left bank, directly opposite Jebel Barkal and overbuilt by a very old mosque); el-Kurru (the cemetery of most of the kings and queens of the 25th Dynasty and their ancestors from c.900-650 BCE); Nuri (the site of the pyramid of Taharqo [c.690-664 BCE] and those of his successors and queens during the Napatan Period, c.650-270 BCE); Hillat el-Arab (the site of a series of Egyptian or elite early Kushite rock-cut tombs from about 1000-750 BCE); Tangasi and Zuma (sites of monumental post-Meroitic tumulus graves dating c.350-500 CE); el-Ghazali (an early Christian monastery, c.700-1000 CE); and Merowe Sheriq (a massive medieval Christian fortress c.1000-1400 CE, whose walls incorporate blocks from much earlier Egyptian and Kushite buildings).

at Jebel Barkal were first observed and described by European explorers in the 1820s, but it was not until 1916 that the first major excavations were undertaken, by George A.

Reisner and the joint Harvard University / Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Expedition.

Its 98m-high, flat-topped eminence once marked a primary river crossing on the important north-south overland trade route between central Africa and Egypt (aerial photo courtesy of Timothy Kendall; hover over to enlarge; for site location, see Google Earth map below).

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