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These images are all gleaned from pornographic material seen by both sexes, and are a sure-fire route to low self-esteem.Little wonder then that young women like Katherine are starting to ask themselves: Where’s the liberation in all this?It feels far safer not to have sex at all, and wait until I find someone who cares about me as a person rather than continue to sleep with men only interested in me for my body.’Jacie lost her virginity aged 18, having been teased at school because she was the last of her friends to sleep with anyone.‘I was terrified of having sex at all,’ she explains.‘Sex education aged 13 basically consisted of “here’s how to put on a condom so you won’t catch an STI [sexually transmitted infection] or get pregnant”.‘I was shocked that at that age adults would presume we were having sex — it seemed ridiculously young.‘There was no guidance at all on the emotional side of sexual relationships, and how it was better to wait until you were with someone you loved.‘The next information I got was when I was 14 and at a friend’s house with a group of mates when someone put porn on a laptop and urged me to look.‘To say I was horrified was an understatement.‘These days you’re considered a prude by your friends if you’re not putting yourself about,’ she says.‘Loveless, casual sex is supposed to be something my generation enjoys.‘Between the age of 17 and 23 I slept with seven men, and not one made me feel desirable or special.For less confident women it can be hard to keep saying no.‘After that, I decided I never wanted to be made to feel like I was nothing again.’Dr David Holmes, senior psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University says there is no question that young men’s sexual appetites are being influenced by early exposure to extreme pornography, which makes troubling experiences such as Katherine’s all the more likely.‘During adolescence a template of what you find arousing is being formed in the brain; what a child is exposed to during the period when they first start to become sexually aware can have a massive influence on that template and what they will go on to find arousing in adulthood.‘So, if the stuff 13- and 14-year-old lads are watching on their phones is violent, brutal sex in its most extreme forms, you have the potential for huge problems.‘Even if they fully appreciate that what they’re looking at isn’t real, they can still go on to struggle to be aroused by the more gentle lovemaking that takes place in the real world.’The government is set to announce that children as young as four are to be taught about sex and relationships in school, with secondary school pupils to be taught about the dangers of online pornography and sexting.

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So committed is she, that she won’t even consider kissing a man before the end of their third date.

She has lots of friends, an active social life, a job she enjoys, and goes on many dates with plenty of eligible young men.