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And when the visitor has slept in the Black Forest huts, hotels or bread-and-breakfast accommodations, has talked with the people of the Schwarzwald, they go as friends, taking home wonderful memories of the walks in the wilderness, the mountain glades with mooing and chewing well-fed cows, the excellent Badische cuisine and wines, the tasty Black Forest Torte, the witch’s hole mill and the Vogtsbauern homesteads.You have to learn or re-learn to appreciate the small, good things in life and Nature is a big present for us all.Children are also told tales about the robber Hotzenplotz who is known to blast you with his pepper-pistole.Even Germans from other parts of the country have been known to bestow the Black Forest with negative compliments as a wild and sad place.I like people who have a good and genuine smile on their faces.

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It’s like another world surrounded by blue mountains from Rosskopf to Buchenbach, St. In Feldberg you have the story about being visited by a ghost, the knight Peter von Stauffenberg and the Fairy from the Sea, the Hambacher Festival, the Witch’s Tower of Bühl, the German Farmer, the Ghost of Windbeck’s Castle Cook, the Water-sprite of Schlucksee to name a few.

In Staufen even Mephistopheles is said to have visited Doctor Faustus.

Well, life is a long journey, as I see it, and we are all protagonists in each of our life stories. Find peace through prayer, meditation, autogenic training, yoga or whatever, and praise and nurture the child in you, and you will gain strength. Out there in the wide world there’s definitely someone with the same wavelength as you waiting to be contacted. When you’ve grown older you realise that you cannot get along with everyone.

In this long journey we meet a good many people who in some way influence us, give us empathy, dignity, strength, show tolerance and we learn to love and admire these meaningful people in our lives, and there are those we shun, abhor and who have a negative influence and aura around them. You can’t get along with all kids, all teachers, all parents, all colleagues and bosses. But the wonderful thing is you don’t have to fraternise with ‘em all. Praise yourself for your achievements and delete the bad memories from your life. There are people with whom you can only talk about the weather. But there are others who love to talk and have a good time telling about themselves.

The Dreisamtal Chronicle is about the musings of the writer & poet, his sketches and drawings, his happiness in Freiburg-Kappel and his longing for the Alps, Himalayas and his musings about the Nature in our environment, which we have to preserve and fight for, lest it be destroyed by human encroachment like in other parts of the world.