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Workers at a station in Doral, near Miami, put yellow caution tape around pumps Wednesday morning after running out of gasoline.

Local news outlets reported both long lines and stations that had no gas across South Florida.

In the past COFEPRIS has taken 6-8 weeks to process import permit applications .

We start at the COFEPRIS link “(“Medical Import Permit for Medical Devices for Personal Use”) https://mx/tramites/ficha/permiso-sanitario-de-importacion-de-dispositivos-medicos-para-uso-personal/COFEPRIS702 COFEPRIS uses a Red List, Yellow List, & Green List convention …

About 800 truckloads of supplies including water, flashlights, batteries, ready-to-eat foods and other supplies were dispatched from Walmart headquarters in Arkansas to Florida on Tuesday.

Home Depot's Rapid Response Team send truckloads of supplies from Atlanta to Florida Tuesday night.

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'We'll continue to push as many products to our stores as we safely can before the hurricane hits.'On Wednesday, lines stretched at grocery stores, gas stations and home improvement stores as Floridians stocked up for the storm and readied their houses to face the gale-force winds.Whenever demand for a certain product spikes, the price is bumped up as well, according to CBS Moneywatch.