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There were unconfirmed reports that he had returned to active service by year's end.Unlike in the previous year, there were no reports that unidentified armed men in uniform forcibly entered personal residences in Kinshasa at night to harass civilians, loot personal belongings, or kill persons involved in personal feuds.In Fataki, Ituri District, a drunken FARDC soldier shot and killed two election workers during vote counting on October 30.The families of the victims destroyed part of nine polling centers in retribution. For example, a FARDC commander in the Ituri District town of Dii arrested 19 suspects in a murder case and detained them at a military camp on January 22.Security forces continued to recruit and retain child soldiers and to compel forced labour by adults and children.They also continued to abuse freedom of the press, particularly during the election campaign.One detainee allegedly died of severe mistreatment while in detention.

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There was major improvement in one area: the country held its first democratic national elections in more than 40 years.The soldiers in charge of the jail allegedly kicked him, beat him with truncheons and ropes, and forced him to march 32 miles until he died.On September 26, guards at Kinshasa's main prison allegedly opened fire on prisoners while attempting to force them to return to their cells, killing five and wounding several others.In addition, societal discrimination against women and ethnic minorities, trafficking in persons, child labor, and lack of protection for workers' rights continued to be pervasive throughout the country.

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Armed groups continued to commit numerous, serious abuses—some of which may constitute war crimes—including unlawful killings, disappearances, and torture.

In addition, during the year the transitional government supported prosecution of serious human rights abuses.

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