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and in benevolence he is identical to Kubera, God of Wealth-Management, and in his candour he is like Dharma itself, the other God Probity on earth…[1-1-18, 19a]“When Rama is enthroned then the world will be highly regaled and rejoiced, exuberant and abundant, also rightly righteous, trouble-free, disease-free, and free from fear of famine…” Thus Narada is foreseeing the future and telling Valmiki.brambura (bhram/to mistake), dandana (danda/stick and punishment), haz (has), rai (rai/good, richness), zvon (svan/to resound) (Problemă – Mioara Căluşiţă-Alecu, Ed.Orfeu, 2000) abducted Seeta Rama / Lakshmana absent / not so Hanuman // predators of virtue / opposed to sandals / witnesses of killing // abduct me soul cries to god / abduct me bred temptation is translated / crush yourself on abducting time wheel America is Ravana Seeta is the abducted / world Rama didn’t change himself / our mother is of godhead // dearer dear Seeta / is neither Radha in Vraja / nor Savitri resurrecting the dead // permission Krishnaits Savitrins / I pray to God’s Mother for Seeta / I pray to Seeta for God’s Mother in study own salvation dance the goodness / abducted Rama himself in person of loved Seeta / Seeta salvating herself mountain and weapons // God loves also the one he kills / Bali the killed Ravana Vidu / dropped by foliage folklore composition // God kills also the one he loves / kills himself turns into resurrection / the beggar begs us to pass through him Kali more Seeta more Mary more Radha / stringing our heads on thread from a / birth on forefathers’ darkness // lost in my death’s birth / I pray to you killing nascence / for keeping our hearts to spring // I bow to inconceivable overbelieving / in graces of god and of the abductor / loosing themselves in our growth let Radha teach us forest’s way / Savitri pulling also us out / of cutted tree sculptured Maiastra // glory to mother’s cancer to father’s paralysis / for you to pray for their birth / we stick to you anonymous immigrants // prayer of prayers to mothers’ mother / to Rama to Hanuman / in the garden of Christ’s Mother the will of receivers of abducted women / hidden by Ravana’s gardens / at once Ganeshan incompleteness // Ganesh in America should be the theme / the cutted time like tusk of Ganesh / the son in stories of ours // in Indian Ocean on Africa in Atlantic / in Thai also gulf in tsunami / Hanuman strengthened me in courage arnam Brahma food is god / Sri Chinmoy played fifteen instruments / then silent meditation and dvds shared // dinner with roses on questionnaire I wrote / close to god through songs and / still more through resulting silence / pandit that a writer at phone // first time no then already yankee / in New York only for Ramayana bhai global Ravanic terrorism / the old one makes pranayam at tea / dios del fuego black pyramid // with never a cloud in the skies / may every moment of sadness / prove only a joy in disguise // no one religious sum spiritual / spirituality unites religions / persons of divine revelation there are animals better than humans / Ravana could have been killed only by monkeys or men / Hanuman embodiment of Shiva guru of the universe // neither I believe in god / this is god’s mistake not mine / his grace didn’t want to come into my life // without Hanuman’s help one can’t be Rama’s devotee / right guide monkey shape also Brahma could be / at coronation in Ayodhya all monkeys take human shape no standing anyway but I am wet / after the cherries on Hook Creek / back Eldorado’s Lal with Lalan // under this bridge the woman gives birth to war // with sin toward peace Merrick past / rain’s cruise do not lean on door // I write myself Ramayana orthodox Easter / in gospel Seeta Mary shed magnolia tree / the girl gets down before library electrified tables for computer / small girl looking to paradise’s dictator / Latin Gutenberg’s annotated bible // Quintus Smirnaeus The Fall of Troy / John Quinn The Man from New York / Iliad war Ramayana dharma // go in as much America you want get back / from secondary citizenship unslept sleep / reeding room as a stadium NYPL Drago shoe repair extrogenius Dracula / by grace of god who is Rama shanti / seriocomic extreme the god of hell // rain by window of theatricality / flood over New Yorker Ganesh / his tween tusks went to the dogs // harder than New York neither pork I retort / girls left themselves on Archimedes’s / pouring on them golden ware from thunder Pandit Ram Lall doesn’t advise Indians to come / in America no what to do here any talent / is bought home is more recognized // Chand colleague with them rich and how cold / any body how is nature is fair he is claming / seniority to me I am older uncle John Ion // all artists in the second line Sri Ram Tulsidas Valmiki / great men pandit’s dream to bring Ramayana in / New York Hanuman Chalisa sanathana dharma divine aesthetics at sarod distinguished yogi Chinmoy / silence small conversations seem cries I still write you / whip of silence empire garland calypso // urge carry his sitar he leaves no applause / big word sacredness of the conference sin of difference / religious and communist zones materialist countries have no future // Ramaraja ideal love for people more than for self / Ravanaraja Mary put by pope to destroy nonchristianity / Rama in Shiva Rameshvara Siva param guru at Ayodhya reigned Dilipa Raghu Aja Dasaratha / Rama avatar of Vishnu and more 24 solars in 19 cantos / from Raghuvamsa by Kalidasa to be pastiched with Manu / his son toward son serving Nandini heifer from Surabhi // on Sindhu he conquered husbands of blushing Huna women / thousands of camels and mares carry treasures received by Kautsa / beings lighted from sun lamp from lamp son from son / hand to the feet of royal duty milked sky // Indumati gives birth to Dasaratha thousands years pass / Ravana persecuting the gods then Rama from Kausalya / Bharata from Kaikeyi twins Lakshmana and / Satrughna from Sumitra reincarnate Vishnu in the navy Pushpaka from Lanka to Ayodhya he shows to Seeta / Malyavat Pampa Chitrakuta Ganga Yamuna Sarayu / political slander on her stay in stranger’s house order / to Lakshmana to leave her on Ganges when pregnant // the sons Kusa and Lava taught by Valmiki Ramayana / to sing to their father at horse sacrifice killed Sambuka / he will receive Seeta back if she will prove pure / to her subjects she mortgages and her mother earth embraces her // ruined Ayodhya after death of Rama / Adhidevata calls in dream Kusa at reign / his bracelet slips in water Sarayu and naga / Kumudvati returns it together with her hand Romania, which is slated to join the European Union on Jan 1, 2007, has been the epicentre for European gypsies, who maintain that their ancestors originated from India.(Gheorghe Şeitan, “Rama din Carpaţi şi legendarul Negru-Vodă”, paper sustained at the International Congress of Dacology, Bucharest, 14-16 June 2009).Extravagant (becoming poetic/epic) chapters in books include: the celebrate Aryans were Carpathian-Istrians; the Vedas contain the spirituality of our ancestors; the battles of Bala-Rama in Carpathians; Ramayana describes Romania; Omu, saint mountain of Aryans; birth of Indra – at Porţile de Fier (Iron Gates); Hercules was …@ 1998, Desiraju Hanumanta Rao [Revised - March 04]A thoughtful-meditator, an eternally studious sage in scriptures about the Truth and Untruth, a sagacious thinker, and a sublime enunciator among all expert enunciators is Narada, and with such a Divine Sage Narada, the Sage-Poet Valmiki is inquisitively enquiring about a man who is a composite for all merited endowments in his form and calibre.[1-1-1]“In valour Rama is comparable with Vishnu, and in his looks he is attractive like full-moon, he equals the earth in his perseverance, but he is matchable with era-end-fire in his wrath…

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: Vasumati Balinese: Ramadewa Chinese: Lo-mo Javanese: Ragawa, Ramachandra, Sri Rama(wijaya) Khamti: Chao Laman Khmer: Preah Ram, Preah Ream Lao: Ph(r)a Lahmahrat, Ph(r)a Lamma Malay: Agung Gempita, Seri Rama Maranao: Radia Mangandiri Pali: Ramapandita Prakrit: Pauma Tamil: Iraman Thai: Daranoi, Phram, Phara Ram Tibetan: Dewi Sita Javanese: Dewi Sinta Kannada: Sittama Karbi: Ita Kunri Khmer: Neang Seda, Neang Seta, Neang Sita Lao: Nang Sita Malay: Puteri bungsu Hanyut, Chahaya Keinderaan, Sakutum Bunga Satangkai, Sita Dewi, Siti Dewi Maranao: Tuwan Potre malaila Ganding, Tuwan Potre Malono Tihaia Myanmar: Thida Singhalese: Sitapati Tamil: Shitai Thai: Nang Piphat That Loi, Nang Sida Tibetan: Rol-r Nyed-ma, Zita Vietnamese: Bach Tinh: Rawana Hindi: Ravan Javanese: Rahwana, Dasamuka Kannada: Ravula Karbi: Raban Kawi: Rawana, Dasamukha Khmer: Rab(n), Rabana, Krong Reap Lao: Bommahchak, Dotsakhan, Haphanasun, Rabbahnasun Malay: Dauwichit, Gambar mahasakti, maharaja Duwana, maharaja Wana, Rahana, Raja Di Rimba, Rawana Maranao: Maharadia Lawana, Maharadia Duwan Mongolian: Mangus, Tesegiriy, Tisegiri Myanmar: Datthagiri Sundanese: Rawana Tamil: Iravanan Thai: Thotsakan Tibetan: Ashapa, m Da’shagriba Vietnamese: Trang Minh, Hanumat, Anjaneya, Anjata, Maruti: sof of Anjana and Vayu; monkey leader Balinese: Hanoman Javanese: Anoman, Senggana Karbi: Haliman Khmer: Anjat, Anujit Lao: Hanumon(e), Hulahman, Hunahman, Huonahman, Huorahman Malay: haduman, Hanuman Kera Putih, Kera Kechil Iman Tergangga, Phalawan Udara, Shah Numan Maranao: Laksamana (Mangawarna is the name of Lakshmana) Singhalese: Hanumant Tamil: Anuman Thai: Anchar, Wanon Tibetan: Hanumandha, Hanumanta Other accounts state that some of these creatures were the offspring of Phorcys and Ceto.Anca, a former visiting professor at the University of Delhi during 1977-84 and then 2002-03, is hopeful that the Indian government and the growing Indian community in Romania will support his efforts to organise the next International Ramayana Conference.

That same year he also had a minimal role in the 2nd installment of popular Taiwanese idol K. drama franchise "The X-Family" starring alongside the rest of the other Fahrenheit members.… continue reading »

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