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31-Oct-2017 03:08

Nothing quite fills the void the corporate world creates like spending a few hours in the shop driving roll pins and torquing things to spec.Building a gun to meet your particular need is rewarding right up until it isn’t.

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Gas operated guns can be finicky beasts and there’s no better way to muck things up than to add a lot more backpressure and carbon to the system. Rarely could I get through a magazine without some sort of failure.I was happy to oblige him as reliability testing is one of our most expensive parts of a gun review.His ammo, his money, and results I could use for TTAG…everybody wins.One is the DPMS-style and the other is the Armalite style. For those curious, the Aero guns follow the DPMS specs…I’ll take things I wish I’d known before ordering for 0, Alex.

New hand guard in place, I set off to the range to get the ole gal sighted in and to see what she was made of.As such, creating the big boy rifle of your dreams is harder than it looks.

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