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15-Jun-2017 05:56

I don’t recall the names mentioned, but there is this father whose son was shot dead by James Holmes during the Dark Knight Rises movie premiere in Aurora, Colorado.

The dad said that his son dove to shield his girlfriend and took a mortal shot from James E. I laughed my mother fucking ass off when I heard that. Perfect for sensationalism hunting mainstream media and perhaps something to sell to Steven Spielberg or some other tool movie director, but don’t pull that shit on me.

A lot of the foods available at high end restaurants and every day spots include the New Mexico Chile, which is a medium-hot and spicy pepper that gives cuisine a bit more pop than garlic.

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They are a Minor League Baseball team which means that game tickets are affordable, and the crowds are a lot friendlier than most Major League ballparks.Most games have quite a party atmosphere whether the home team happens to be losing or winning.

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